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At Discovery Chiropractic, we are incredibly thorough with each individual that seeks our help. We are transparent with every patient and take a detailed approach to each case to ensure the BEST results! We take pride in helping individuals understand their body to get them back to doing what they love as fast as possible! Let us help you discover your path to healing!


All new patients must fill out our intake paperwork fully and as completely as possible so that the doctors understand your health concerns and goals so that they may help you the in the best way possible.


After your paperwork has been completed, one of the members of our team will give you a quick tour of the office so that you have a better understanding of what we will do to help facilitate your healing.


After your tour, you will be placed in our consultation and examination room where one of the doctors will conduct an individualized and focused consultation and physical examination and perform our 3-step neurological scans to determine the root cause of your health concerns.


After your examination has been completed, our doctors will come together to create an individualized plan catered to you. If x-rays are warranted, those would be scheduled at this appointment. If they are not warranted, you will receive your first adjustment and/or acupuncture session! 


After steps 3 and 4 have been completed, you will schedule your report of findings (the most important appointment) where the doctors will review all of the findings from your examination and explain the course and cost of care in our office! The doctors work very closely together on each patient's case to ensure you get quality care and optimal results for healing!


Starting your path to healing! This is where you'll BEGIN your path to healing (the most important part of your healing journey)! We utilize techniques specific to you and what your body responds best to in order to facilitate the best healing your nervous system deserves. The doctors may utilize other methods to aid in the healing process like acupuncture, ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, cupping, exercises, nutrition, and trigger point therapy (to name a few) to ensure you get the best care throughout your time with us. We are here for all of your needs and will continue to be here even after care in our office has ended, and you are living your best life possible!

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